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General Information

The first meeting of the Working Group is organised as part of the Stairway to Excellence project, managed by JRC in close cooperation with DG REGIO, and seeks to maximise the impact of Smart Specialisation Strategies in EU regions and member states, and to realise the full potential of using EU funding programmes managed at regional, national and EU levels.

Rationale of the Working Group

The establishment of this Working Group is based on the outcomes of a JRC Workshop held on 15th February 2018 in Brussels. Its main purpose was to explore the potential interest of ESIF Managing Authorities and RIS3 managing agencies in a possible dedicated pilot training, aiming to provide them with better knowledge of ways for beneficiaries to access international networks, the use of ESIF funding to design synergies with H2020 and the uptake of H2020 and FP7 project results to create investments or achieve tangible effects. However, during the discussions participants showed a clear preference for mutual learning events instead of traditional training activities.

Aim of the Working Group

The aim of the Working Group H2020 for RIS3 (WG-H2020-4-RIS3) is to optimise S3 implementation building participants capacities in three directions:

1.- Improving capacities of the R&I system through increased international positioning (H2020 participation and uptake of project results, engagement in international networks, collaboration tools, etc.)

2.- Integrating multi-level governance perspective in S3 implementation, specially in accessing to funding and shaping funding instruments (national-regional coordination, H2020 information in S3 governance, etc.)

3.- Designing and piloting capacity building activities (training, peer-learning, co-design of tools and calls shaping etc.)

The intention is for the WG to meet twice a year to co-design the activities that better adapt to the needs of public authorities to build capacities and be a test-bed for implementing capacity building activities to improve excellence of their local R&I systems.

Expected outcomes of the first meeting of the Working Group

The specific expected outcomes of this first meeting of the Working Group are as follows:

  • Prioritisation of the capacity needs, based on those identified in the previous workshop, of managing authorities when dealing with issues related to synergies;
  • Exploration of the specific support tools required by managing authorities to tackle the particular capacity needs identified;
  • Discussion of a first set of support tools, related to building international networking and widening participation, in particular in relation to COST Actions, EIT KICs, Joint Undertakings, etc.
  • Setting an agenda for future meetings of the WG

Composition of the Working Group

The Working Group will be integrated by 10-15 participants with representatives from:

  • DG JRC and DG REGIO staff working in capacity building and funding synergies
  • Managing authorities and S3 coordinating authorities
  • Other EU actors facilitating international networking and collaborations

The countries/regions integrating the group will be selected according to their low participation in H2020 and medium/high ESIF. Advanced regions will be selected to participate in a case by case basis depending on the theme covered in the working group meeting to bring specific expertise and share their knowledge.

Agenda and Presentations


Welcome remarks 

  • Karel Haegeman, DG JRC, European Commission
  • Denisa Perrin, DG REGIO, European Commission
  • Pia Laurila, DG RTD, European Commission

Objectives of the working group and structure of the day

10:00-11:30 Barriers and Needs of Managing Authorities

Overview of barriers and needs: Lessons from the Stairway to Excellence (S2E) project I, II and III 

Discussion on barriers and needs in relation to H2020 and RIS3

12:00-13:00 International networking and widening participation (1)

Engagement modes with Joint Undertakings for ESIF-H2020 synergies

Discussion on targeted support needed for MAs to facilitate engagement

14:00-15:00 International networking and widening participation (2)

Regional collaborations with EIT- Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) 

  • Karel Haegeman, DG JRC, European Commission

Discussion on targeted support needed for MAs to facilitate engagement

15:00-17:00 Capacity needs and targeted support tools

Exploration of the specific support tools required by managing authorities to tackle the particular capacity needs identified

Next steps and conclusions

Full Agenda of the event


DG JRC Rue du Champ de Mars 21 1050 Brussels (Belgium)

Contact information

In case you are interested in participating please contact the JRC team by email with a short statement of your motivation to participate. The participants will be limited to 10-15 ESIF Managing Authorities and S3 authorities from countries/regions with lower participation in H2020 which will be selected according to country balance criteria.

For further information of the event, please contact Eskarne Arregui / Cristina Torrecillas