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Viktoria Bodnarova, the regional EURAXESS North America representative, visited the Smart Specialisation Platform (S3P) for the scientific seminar "European Science and Innovation Diasporas in North America: (re)-connecting can foster outward-looking S3 processes"

On 29 May 2018, Viktoria Bodnarova visited DG JRC Seville for the seminar "European Science and Innovation Diasporas in North America: (re)-connecting can foster outward-looking S3 processes". This seminar, carried out together with JRC S3P Visiting Scientist Jürgen Haberleithner, aimed at looking closely at the nature and activities of the European science and innovation diasporas in North America and how they can be better connected to and foster Smart Specialisation (S3) processes in Europe. As a specific case study, the results of an exploratory study, carried out by Jürgen Haberleithner for the Office of Science and Technology of the Austrian Embassy in Washington DC and called "Opportunities for strategic networking in Research, Technology and Innovation between Austria and North America", have been presented. 


On the basis of interviews with 27 top leading, Europe- and US-based experts with origins from Austria, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Turkey, as well as EU representatives, this study identified critical and relevant topics for the Austrian and European Science and Innovation Diasporas, in order to (re)-connect them to Europe. Based on these results, an online survey has been developed and applied within the Research and Innovation Network Austria (RINA). It has generated first data about the potential the RINA network has for S3 in Europe. Additionally, key elements for the future (re)-connection of the diasporas to the European arena have been highlighted, such as science diplomacy, the Joint European Mentoring Initiative and the potential of interregional cooperation across the Atlantic.


Researchers in Motion initiative was launched by the European Commission in 2004. It is designed to facilitate researchers’ mobility to/within Europe and their career development by providing information on jobs & funding opportunities as well as personalised assistance to researchers (of all nationalities and research fields) and their family members. Euraxess North America, as a specific section of Euraxess Worldwide, is a networking tool supporting researchers working outside of Europe who wish to connect or stay connected with Europe.