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Towards a sustainable regional development based on innovation and research strategies

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The EU Smart Specialisation approach was presented in the seminar 'Towards a sustainable regional development based on smart specialisation', organized by the University of Piura (Peru), and the regional government of Piura with the support of Fondecyt (Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo en Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación).

The S3 Platform delivered several keynote speeches on the Cohesion Policy, Smart Specialisation and the Entrepreneurial discovery process. The Platform animated the debate on the opportunity to adopt S3 for R&I in the region. Our intervention earned the attention of the audience, helping to spread the message of Smart Specialisation beyond the EU boundaries and supporting the momentum that Smart Specialisation policy is gaining internationally. Concytec has just approved a project 'Regional Priority areas' (Áreas Prioritarias Regionales).

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Auditorio IME - Universidad de Piura Av. Ramón Mugica 131, Urb. San Eduardo. Piura, Perú.

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