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Thematic workshop on RIS3 and Fuel Cells & Hydrogen

General Information

This was a thematic workshop aimed at technology developers, appliers, end-users, and regional governments is organised by the European Joint Undertaking on Fuel Cells & Hydrogen (FCH) the French region Rhône-Alpes in cooperation with the S3 Platform has as an objective boosting collaboration between the FC industry and the regions interested in applying FCH based solutions in their Smart Specialization priorities. It facilitated exchanging of experiences on these technologies among the industry, research and innovation, and regional/urban stakeholders. Simultaneously, it explored deployment opportunities at regional/local levels. Specific sessions will be devoted to the FCH application in clean transport and reduction of energy related CO2 emissions.


Agenda and Presentations

This thematic workshop addresses fuel cells and hydrogen (FCH) in decarbonising Europe and achieving energy savings. Fuel cells powered with hydrogen belong to the most effective low carbon technologies. Find out how your region or city could deploy FCH technologies as part of its planning scheme for energy or transport!


The workshop will bring together representatives of industry, scientific community and public authorities, giving voice to each of them. Its scope will range from industrial demonstration projects to hands-on user experiences. Deployment opportunities of the FCH technologies will be approached from the angle of regional and metropolitan strategies. The purpose is also to highlight how such solutions can be can be supported by the Structural Funds.
The range of topics will cover the major application areas of FCH:

  • Clean public transport, e.g. hydrogen buses
  • Low emission power generation applications, e.g. interruptive power supply in hospitals and public buildings with security concerns
  • Renewable energy storage, e.g. combination of hydrogen with the renewables

Who should attend?

Regions and cities
A. already targeting FCH as an investment priority
B. interested in discovering FCH potential for them
=> Regional and municipal stakeholders:

  •  Regional and metropolitan authorities, preferably involved in Smart Specialisation strategies
  • Public service providers involved in energy or transport
  • Public bodies involved in innovation, industry and cluster policies
  • Research, innovation, industry and civil society stakeholders, such as entreprises, research institutes, universities...

Objectives of the Workshop

1. Exchange experiences of FCH deployment
=> Lessons learned, good practices to be disseminated and challenges to be tackled
2. Learn about the state-of-the-art solutions offered by the industry and research community
3. Identify interested parties for possible joint actions based on coordinated trans-regional strategies

The workshop method will emphasise interaction and peer learning. Presentations will just introduce the themes while participatory group discussions will constitute the main programmatic element.

Why Participate? Benefits to Regions

Fuel cells (energy converter), coupled with hydrogen (energy carrier), help reduce urban pollution and improve local air quality since their emissions are only oxygen and water. Hence, they pave the way for moving towards a low carbon economy by 2050 in accordance with the Commission's Roadmap put forward under the Resource Efficient Europe flagship initiative. FCH technologies respond directly to the societal challenges identified in the EU 2020 Strategy. The topic is relevant with a view to the renewables, energetic autonomy, energy efficient buildings and recycling of waste.

Secondly, participation in the transformation of the energy and transport sectors offers the opportunity to bring one's region to the forefront of technological development in decisive domains for sustainable economic growth and inclusive employment.


For further information, please view the principal event site of the FCH JU.


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Contact information

Luciano Gaudio, Public Relations Manager, FCH JU
Luciano.Gaudio @


• Rhône-Alpes Region, France
• Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU)
• French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)
• Smart Specialisation Platform, DG JRC-IPTS, European Commission

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