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Impact Assessment of the Smart Specialisation experience

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Experts from 12 territories across Europe have been invited to “Assess the potential impact of Smart Specialisation by analysing the macro-linkages between the enhanced quality of policy governance resulting from the adoption of the strategies, induced changes in innovation ecosystems and the effects in terms of growth and jobs”.

In the context of the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, most participants integrated an analysis of the repercussions of the coronavirus crisis in their RIS3 impact assessment.

In time of social distancing, this exercise was organised online and divided into three webinars.


The report Reflections Guiding Smart Specialisation Strategies Impact Assessment aim to collect evidence on the potential impact of S3 in the quality of policy governance and innovation ecosystem, as well as, its effects in terms of growth and jobs. It summarises and analyses the main findings of the reflection and collective work engaged with 12 territories from across Europe that was carried out from March to December 2020. It highlights different types of methodological approaches and measures that were developed and are foreseen by policy-makers to assess the impact of their research and innovation strategies at different territorial levels.


Participants and preparatory material:

Agenda and Presentations


Webinar 1, held on 9 November 2020: Impact of Smart Specialisation Strategies implementation on governance

Plenary presentations by Carmen Sillero, Region of Andalusia, and Ramojus Reimeiris, Lithuania


Sub-group 1 report


Sub-group 2 report


Sub-group 3 report


Andalusia (ES), Centro (PT), Lithuania, and Sweden

Lapland (FI),  Pomorskie (PO), Tuscany (IT), and Wallonia, (BE)

Centro (PT) , Northern Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, and Slovenia


Webinar 2, held on 17 November 2020: Towards economic transformation: Impact of adopting Smart Specialisation Strategies on innovation ecosystems

Plenary presentations by Teresa Jorge, Centro Region, Portugal and Luc Hulsman, Northern Netherlands Alliance


Sub-group 1 report


Sub-group 2 report


Sub-group 3 report


Pomorskie (PO), Centro Region (PT), Sweden, Slovenia, Lapland (FI)


Northern Netherlands (NL), Romania, Lapland (FI), Lithuania


Centro (PT), Wallonia (BE), Tuscany (IT), Andalusia (ES)

Webinar 3, held on 19 November 2020: Impact of adopting Smart Specialisation Strategies in terms of growth and jobs

Plenary presentations by Florence Hennart, Wallonia Region, Belgium and José Caldeira, Portugal



Sub-group 1 report


Sub-group 2 report


Sub-group 3 report


Wallonia (BE), Romania, Slovenia, Portugal


Lapland (FI), Andalusia (ES), Centro Region (PT), Lithuania, Northern Netherlands (NL)


Centro Region (PT), Pomorskie (PO), Tuscany (IT), Lapland (FI), Sweden


Online event based on invitation only

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Caroline Cohen