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STI Roadmaps for SDGs: Smart Specialisation for Territorial and Industrial Development in Rwanda

General Information

The International Workshop on Science, Technology and Innovation Roadmaps for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) took place in Kigali, January 9th-10th 2020. It was the first Workshop organised by the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) in cooperation with the Ministry of ICT and Innovation of Rwanda (MINICT) that addressed Smart Specialisation for Territorial and Industrial Development in Rwanda.

The workshop welcomed more than 60 participants over two days. The participants included representatives from Rwanda's national institutions and organisations and stakeholders from the research/academia, the private sector and civil society from Rwanda and abroad.

The objectives were the following ones:

  1. Stimulate exchanges and Raise awareness about Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3);
  2. Identify synergies between smart specialisation policies and the policies supporting innovation and value chain development in Rwanda;
  3. Discuss the relevance of smart specialisation as a Science, Technology and Innovation roadmap for achieving sustainable territorial development in Rwanda;
  4. Stimulate local stakeholders dialogues for a pioneering smart specialisation in Rwanda.


Agenda and Presentations

Download the agenda |PDF file|