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CANCELLED EVENT: Smart Specialisation for Sustainable Development Goals

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CANCELLED EVENT: "Smart Specialisation for Sustainable Development Goals"

Please note that due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the event "Smart Specialisation for Sustainable Development Goals" that was due to take place on the 5th and 6th of March 2020 in Brussels is cancelled. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

The workshop 'Smart Specialisation for Sustainable Development Goals', organised by JRC, is linked to the works of the Global Pilot Programme of the UN Inter-Agency Task Team on STI Roadmaps for SDGs.

It will bring together two different perspectives: firstly, on 5  March, it will summarise the challenges and achievements in implementing Smart Specialisation (S3) as localised roadmaps for transformation and for the achievement of the SDGs. Secondly, on 6  March, it will bring together UN stakeholders including UN-DESA, UNIDO, UNESCO, UNCTAD, and countries involved in the UN Global Pilot Programme on STI Roadmaps for SDGs to discuss the progress in testing the emerging global methodologies and tackling sustainability challenges in  the context of rapid technological change.

The event will bring together high-level speakers from EU and UN institutions, EU Member  States and  regions,  the UN global pilot programme countries, other international institutions as well as experts and practitioners.


The main aim of the event is to present practical experience and advances in applying Smart Specialisation (S3) as a methodology driving the achievement of the SDGs through the establishment and implementation of transformative localised, place-based, innovation-driven strategies/roadmaps in a number of countries and sub-national territories. This includes EU Member States, regions and cities that are already implementing Smart Specialisation strategies targeted towards SDGs and non-EU countries that chose to adopt the S3 methodology as policy framework and/or reference methodology.


The Addis Ababa Action Agenda recognises science, technology and innovation as a  means  to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Starting in November 2018, the European Commission's Joint  Research Centre (JRC) has been working to share the EU experience on Smart Specialisation (S3) Strategies as one of the global methodologies for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Roadmaps for the achievement of SDGs, with a distinctive localised (place-based) approach and widespread application across EU regions. At  the  same  time,  there  has  been  a  growing interest  in  adopting  S3  as  a reference  approach  to  localised  innovation-led  transformation  agendas in a number of countries across the globe, as well  as an increasing focus on SDGs as key framework for setting targets and ambitions.

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