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Smart Investment for Smart Specialisation

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The Polish Ministry of Economy and the World Bank Group in coordination with the European Commission organised a joint regional workshop entitled "Smart Investment for Smart Specialisation".  The goal of the event was to support Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Poland in realizing smart specialisation strategies, and as such achieving more efficient investment of structural funds from the European Union.

The main focus of the workshop was on operationalizing the idea of smart specialisation, concentrating on finding the best ways of specialising given existing innovation ecosystems, finding and measuring smart specialisation priorities in regional-national context, and incentivizing a whole of nation delivery process around smart specialisation targets.
The workshop was flexible and interactive and the agenda was changed in the course of the days to meet expectations and give room for discussions. First session was a presentation of the Polish and Korean cases and a presentation from Prof Jerzy Langer on how Europe does not ensure the use of talent. Second session was on tools available from S3Platform/DG Regio and the World Bank. Third session focused on needs of the private sector. Fourth session gave room for internal discussions among the four participation countries on future challenges, bottlenecks and how to tackle these, while final session was a panel feedback session on the outcomes of these discussions.
We can conclude that theparticipants were well aware of existing challenges of internal coordination between governmental bodies and the bottlenecks for increasing the private R&D investments. Discussions both within and across country groups were valuable. The role and behavior of public service versus private enterprises and entrepreneurs were discussed. Both the World Bank and the Commission/S3 Platform have tools and offer service to assist in the coming processes.


Agenda and Presentations


Please find the World Banks report from the workshop here.

The whole of the workshop material can be found here.


Premises of the Warszawianka resort conference centre in Warsaw (PL)

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