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Smart Grid Challenges and Opportunities in the Baltic Region.

General Information

The workshop objective was to facilitate a constructive exchange about the implementation of the Smart Specialisation (S3) priorities related to Smart-Grids in the Baltic region. The event addressed specific examples of how S3 regions are preparing the ground for smart-grid deployment, including interrregional cooperation as a key driver to support S3 implementation and the effective uptake of the Cohesion Policy Funds for Smart Grids. The workshop offered an opportunity for the industry, research & innovation sectors, regional authorities and other stakeholders to exchange good practices and innovative concepts supporting S3 and energy policy in the Baltic region.

The event was organised by the Joint Research Centre – Directorates C (Energy, Transport and Climate) in the framework of the Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy (S3PEnergy). Close collaboration of the Latvian Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Riga Technical University made of this event a key step towards interregional cooperation on smart specialisation priorities related to Smart-Grids.

Agenda and Presentations



SESSION 1. Cohesion Policy, S3PEnergy and Smart-Grids

Smart Specialisation Platform on Energy, Javier Gómez Prieto, European Commission, Joint Research Centre

Smart Grid Investments in Europe: lessons learnt and current developments, Flavia Gangale, European Commission, Joint Research Centre


SESSION 2. S3 Smart-Grids priorities and regional cooperation

Smart Grid related specialisation areas in Latvia, Olga Bogdanova, Director Energy Market and Infrastructure Department, Latvian Ministry Economic Affairs

Smart Grid related specialisation areas in Estonia, Laura Arengu, Smart Specialisation expert, Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications 

European Integrated Research Programme on Smart-Grids, Irina Oleinikova, Director Institute of Physical Energetics, Latvia

Ongoing transnational Smart-Grids projects, Oskars Krievs / Diana Zalostiba, Riga Technical University


SESSION 3. Smart Grid implementation in the Baltic Region: lessons learnt and future opportunities

Smart-Grid data in the client side experience. Future data applications, Janis Sipkovs ISO ltd, Energodata project, Latvia

Estfeed data sharing platform as facilitator of demand-side related services, Kalle Kukk, Strategy Manager, Elering, Estonia

Smart-Grids development in Lithuania, Arturas Klementavicius, Lithuanian Energy Institute

Smart Metering projects and new analytics in grid operations, Heikki Kolk, senior specialist Network technology department Elektrilevi, Estonia


SESSION 4. Strenghtening cooperation in the Baltic Region

Smart City of Riga, Timurs Saflunis, Director of the Riga Energy Agency

Transnational Digital collaboration in the Baltic Region, Torben Aaberg, Head of Public and Digital Affairs, Baltic Development Forum

Smart-Grid projects of Common Interest, Julija Vasilievska, European Commission, Joint Research Centre




Smart Grid Challenges and Opportunities in the Baltic Region. venue
Riga Technical University

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