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S3P Peer-Review Workshop for National RIS3 in Portoroz (SI)

General Information

The themes of this workshop were:
- Entrepreneurial Discovery and Prioritisation Process in Development of the national RIS3.
- Smart Policy Mix for the RIS3.
- Monitoring of the RIS3 process and strategy adaptation along with the new challenges.

During the workshop, the national research and innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation of the three EU countries Croatia, Cyprus and Slovenia were presented and peer-reviewed.

Around 75 participants from 16 EU Member States were representing critical friends in the peer-review process - 10 countries were represented at the national level (beside CY, HR and SI also BG, HU, IE, MT, PL, RO and UK) and 6 EU countries were represented at the regional level (AT, BE, DE, DK, ES and IT).

EU countries face a number of challenges for implementing and governing their smart specialisation strategies. In the S3 process, entrepreneurial actors play the leading role in discovering promising areas of future specialisation. One implication for policy makers is that this requires policy tools to collect the "entrepreneurial knowledge" embedded in the country to transform it into policy priorities. Prioritisation process is often very challenging as besides setting the RIS3 priorities it unmistakenly deprioritise some others. Moreover, the increasingly local and global combination and interaction of cross-sectoral and cross-border activities require adaptation of strategies with the new challenges for which a smart policy mix combining synergies across policy instruments is of the utmost importance to ensure the effectiveness of the process.

Topics for discussion
This peer review aimed at discussing key elements and challenges in the S3 implementation phase. The discussion themes included: 

- What are the implications of Smart Specialisation for national authorities?
- How to develop a smart mix of policy instruments for S3? 
- Which factors may influence the policy-mix development? (e.g. governance structures, capabilities, types of innovation actors, transnational co-operation, etc.). 
- How to support priorities and objectives through policy action? 
- How to deal with the challenges of the monitoring of the RIS3 process and strategy adaptation?

Agenda and Presentations

Event agenda

Day 01: 15 May 2013 - Panel session (Moderated by Alessandro Rainoldi, S3 Platform)

Introduction to mutual learning (Ruslan Rakhmatullin, S3Platform)

Peer-review session 1 - Presentation Croatia (HR) and background document

Peer-review session 2 - Presentation Cyprus (CY) and background document

Day 2: 16 May 2014 Panel session (Moderated by Ales Gnamus, S3 Platform)

Peer-review session 3 - Presentation Slovenia (SI) and background document


S3P Peer-Review Workshop for National RIS3 in Portoroz (SI) venue
Grand Hotel Metropol, Portoroz (Slovenia)

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