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S3PEnergy: Smart Mediterraneo. Best practices, innovation and pilot projects in smart grid development in the Mediterranean region

General Information

The European Commission, Joint Research Centre Institute for Energy and Transport organized a workshop on best practices, innovation and pilot projects in smart grid development in the Mediterranean region. This workshop was organised in the framework of the Smart Specialisation Platform for Energy (S3PEnergy) and aimed at building synergies among the regions of the Mediterranean Sea to exchange experiences and best practice in the field of smart grids.

Regional authorities, companies, universities and research centres met and exchanged knowledge on Smart Specialisation, energy and cohesion policy, novel funding opportunities and challenges and opportunities coming from the new regulation of the retail market. This workshop served as the occasion for interactions between local and international stakeholders with the aim to reinforce links between their projects, needs and expertise along with the perspectives of Smart Specialisations including activities in smart grids technologies.

The main conclusion of the event was that the smart grids sector faces several challenges and obstacles such as need of more targeted interregional cooperation and higher engagement of private sector. Future scenarios, initiatives and interventions in this field should capitalise on existent evidence and results facilitated for instance in the frameworks of the 459 projects carried out across Europe (See for instance Smart Grids Outlook Report of JRC). The need to address smart grids according to regional specific contexts (e.g. Mediterranean) would provide more efficient results. 

Agenda and Presentations

Full agenda of the event.


Welcome speeches by Michele Emiliano (President of PUGLIA REGION) and
Loredana Capone (Regional Minister for Economic Development, Apulia Region)


SESSION I - Energy and Cohesion Policy, Novel Funding Opportunities
Moderator of discussions: prof. Eugenio Di Sciascia (Chancellor Politecnico di Bari)

  1. EU's Smart Specialization Platform for Energy  - Manuel Palazuelos (European Commission DG JRC)

  2. Cohesion policy support for smart grids  - Manuel Palazuelos (European Commission DG JRC)    

  3. Industrial policy for smart grids: learning from lighthouse projects and the way forward for deployment  - Gordon Buhagiar (European Commission DG GROWTH)   

  4. Challenges and actions for smart grid deployment  in the EU Internal Energy Market  - Constantina Filiou (European Commission DG ENR)

  5. The Apulian background - sustainable energy and smart grids  -  Adriana Agrimi, Carlo Gadaleta Caldarola (Apulia Region)


SESSION  2 - Dissemination of innovation and 11 barriers and challenges 11 to new investments. Lessons from implementation cases
Moderator: Maria Grazia  Dotoli (Politecnico di Bari)

  1. Field experiences of innovation development to industrial implementation  - Rinaldi Raphael (Enel SpA) 

  2. Energy Efficiency  Innovation  Projects  - Antonio Sacchetti (CEO Tera srl)

  3. Innovative H2 Solutions to Move Towards Clean & Smart Territories  - Diana De Rosmini (Mc Phy)


SESSION 3 - Best practices from pilot projects in smart grid development.
Moderator: Domenico  Laforgia (Director of Department of Economic Development, Education, Training and Employment, Apulia Region)

  1. Case I Turkey : Wind Energy in Turkey and Cost Benefit Analysis of Wind Turbines in Smart Grid Systems  - llhami Colak (Istanbul Gelisim University)

  2. Case 2 Croatia : project "microGRId Positioning"   - lvona Stritof (HEP )

  3. Case 3 Italy : An urban control centre for smart city energy governance - Mario Savino, Mariagrazia Dotoli (Politecnico di Bari)

  4. Case 6 Greece : TILOS - Technology Innovation for the Local Scale, Optimum Integration of Battery Energy Storage  - Panagiotis Ktenidis (TILOS project)



SESSION 4 - Best practices from pilot projects in smart grid development.
Moderator: Stefano Valentini (ASTER S. Cons. p.A)

  1. Case 4 Cyprus : SmartPV for PV integration and Demand Side Management: First results from Cyprus  - Venizelos Efthymiou (FOSS, University of Cyprus)

  2. Case 5 Malta, Croatia and Greece : SUNSHINE smart-energy platform: IT to support energy awareness and consumption reduction  - Raffaele De Amicis (SUNSHINE)

  3. Case 3 Italy : INGRID Project  - Massimo Bertoncini (INGRID Project)

  4. Case 7 Serbia : EPIC-HUB - Energy Positive Neighbourhoods Infrastructure Middleware based on Energy-Hub Concept  - Nikola Tomasevic(R&D scientist Institute Mihajlo Pupin - Serbia)


Moderator: Paolo Casalino. Head of the Brussels Office of Puglia Region.



Camera di Commercio di Bari. Corso Cavour, 2 - 70132 Bari (Italy)

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