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Peer review workshop in Pisa (IT)

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Day 1 of the fourth peer review workshop consisted of speakers from both regional and national level in Italy, an animated panel discussion including also the European Commission, as well as Jonatan Paton from Infyde, news from DG Regio by Claus Schultze and a short presentation of the S3 Platform.  Conclusions and highlights from day 1 will be published shortly.

Day 2 started with an encouraging and inspiring presentation on Learning loops and Transnational Learning given by Åge Mariussen from the BA-Institute in Ostrabotnia. The regional strategic work of Satakunta (FI), Centre (FR) and Tuscany (IT) were presented and discussed among peers. The three regions will receive feedback reports based on the discussions. A RIS3 Café was organized for the first, but not last time! Over delicious Italian coffee, topics discussed were Key Enabling Technologies, Partnership vs Democratic governance and Interdependency between strategies at regional and national level. Thank you all for valuable contributions!

Agenda and Presentations

Event agenda

Presentations Day 1 -  Paton, Casini, Schultze and S3 Platform

Presentations Day2 - Mariussen, Satakunta, Centre and Tuscany


Pisa (IT)

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