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Outreach event for the Danube Region

General Information

The aim of this event that gathered about 100 participants from all over the Danube region was to inform about Smart Specialisation Strategies, and discuss macro-regional strengths, comparative advantages and potential future growth areas. Four regions (Upper Austria, Flanders, South Moravia and Baden-W├╝rttemberg) shared insights into the reasoning and process going into the drafting of their smart specialisation strategies. One of the key messages was that a real "smart" specialisation strategy does not stop to see opportunities at the regional border. In a networked and global world, smart means not just considering your own strengths, but building networks across borders. The Danube Strategy as well as other macro-regional platforms, while not being limited to cooperation on R&I, can facilitate this process. The agenda and presentations can be found here.


Stuttgart (DE)