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Learning opportunities stemming from place-based transformative Smart Specialisation. Examples from Visegrad Group countries

This study aims at exploring and discussing learning opportunites stemming from the development and implementation of place-based smart specialisation. As specific examples, the study considers V4 countries, and asks how can and have public authorities in V4 countries benefitted from smart specialisation development and implementation.
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Smart specialisation (S3) is a place-based agenda for regional economic transformation. To that end, smart specialisation emphasises the importance of strategic thinking, good (multi-level) governance, existence of public institutions that are able to orchestrate fruitful discussion about the region’s future development trajectories as well as develop appropriate policy instruments and interventions, and finally engaged stakeholders that are willing to take an active lead in local development. In order to achieve these objectives, public institutions are required to learn constantly – explore, integrate and exploit knowledge acquired by individuals. The proposition of this study is to discuss if and how smart specialisation fosters policy learning and to provide some evidence on implementation of smart specialisation and associated policy learning opportunities in Visegrad Group countries.