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Just published - the JRC Methodological Manual for Developing Thematic Interregional Partnerships for Smart Specialisation

The S3 Platform has just published its Methodological Manual for Developing Thematic Interregional Partnerships for Smart Specialisation. This is a practical guide to building and managing interregional smart specialisation partnerships. By preparing this manual, the European Commission is not only able to document the overall methodological journey taken by the thematic partnerships, but also the many good practices observed over the past few years.

This manual refers to the experience gained in the context of the thematic S3 platforms. The manual represents a non-linear and dynamic process with elements that are to be applied and adjusted to the objectives and needs of each partnership. It has been prepared with the aim of assisting public authorities responsible for designing and delivering interregional investment projects in the S3 context and for ensuring that these joint projects attract sufficient private sector interest to ensure their sustainability. The hope, however, is that it will provide useful general principles to inform the development of more detailed practices suited to the particular circumstances of each interregional S3 partnership.