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Fostering environmental-oriented activities through S3 – Results from the call for contributions

The results from the call for contributions launched by the S3 Platform in July 2020 entitled "Fostering the implementation of environmental-oriented activities through Smart Specialisation" are now available.

The 10 selected cases highlight how stakeholders across Europe are using the Smart Specialisation concept to develop their own innovation-driven economic transformation agendas at various territorial levels, with a specific emphasis on environmental-oriented activities. They provide useful information on the role played either by the governance, and/or stakeholders’ involvement in the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process, and/or Monitoring and Evaluation mechanisms to foster the implementation of green activities, with a brief description of the policy tools and measures that are developed in this context.

In the selection process, particular attention was given to the territorial balance, so that it could provide a learning potential for different types of territories.

Also, there will further opportunities in the future to highlight the most mature cases that could not be tackled in this exercise.


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Contact: Caroline Cohen