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EDP in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace: Focus Group on Wine

General Information

One of the central activities of the project is to test and optimise the entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP) within selected sectors under the broader RIS3 strategy of the region, with a particular emphasis  on the selection of the priorities on which financing should concentrate. Central to this activity is the organisation of a series of focus groups addressing those sectors of the region that display potential for smart growth, in line with both the regional and EU2020 strategies.


JRC-IPTS, together with the Managing Authority of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (REMTh) organised the first focus group. This event focused on the wine sector and on selected activities which contribute to its future development. The main aims of this first focus group were:

  • To bring together relevant stakeholders in the sector, going beyond the core value chain to explore and catalyse the dynamics of the entrepreneurial process of discovery;
  • To examine the key criteria to identify and pursue relevant projects for the region.
  • To refine the focus group approach for its future application to other key sectors of the region.

Over the course of two days, the focus group meeting combined plenary and parallel sessions, with interventions by regional, national, and international experts. Within the wine sector, the following themes for discussion were identified: 

  • Research and innovation focusing on technological improvements in wine;
  • Research and innovation focusing on by-products of grapes and wines;
  • Research and innovation related environmental sustainability and the wine sector;
  • Research and innovation in wine tourism.

Outcomes of the focus group are available in summary and extended versions.

Agenda and Presentations

The agenda is available here.


Kouros Hotel, Drama, Greece

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Details of the focus group are also available on the managing authority website.

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