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Digital Growth Peer Review Workshop

General Information

The Smart Specialisation Platform (S3 Platform) together with DG CONNECT and Junta de Andalucía arranged a Digital Growth Peer Review the 3-4 December in Seville, Spain.

At this event the Digital Agenda Toolbox was launched and three regions (Andalucía, Malopolska and Scotland) submitted their Digital Growth Strategy to peers for discussion and feedback. These strategies served as examples of the different roles of ICT for regional development.

The event provided regions with knowledge on how to:

  • connect RIS3 and Digital Growth Strategies;
  • use ICT as an enabling technology, with the specific case of broadband in rural areas;
  • better understand ICT as a specialisation and an application area;
  • examples of policies to enable ICT diffusion.

The workshop began with the launch of the Digital Agenda Toolbox, which is in the publication process. The toolbox provides support to regional and national authorities in developing regional Digital Growth Strategies. Presentations of the content will be complemented by a more practical session where experts present their experience in enabling digital growth.

There was a presentation of the aim and content of the toolbox by Alexander Kleibrink and Jens Sörvik, the S3 Platform and Hervé Dupuy, DG CONNECT. There was a session with examples to illustrate parts of the toolbox and sharing practices

During the workshop, the following three regions presented their strategies: Andalucía (Spain), Scotland (United Kingdom) and Malopolska (Poland). The other workshop participants acted as 'critical friends' and discuss the strategies of the three regions under review. Below you will find the presentation of the regions. Building on the experience gained during the previous peer-review workshops organised by the S3 Platform, peer review was used as an instrument to support EU regions and Member States in the development of their RIS3.


Agenda and Presentations

Workshop report

The workshop report

Press statement

Press statement from the Junta de Andalucia


The agenda.


DAE toolbox, Alexander Kleibrink and Jens Sörvik, the S3 Platform

Hervé Dupuy, DG CONNECT.

ICT as enabler: Business models to enable rural broadband and ICT diffusion, Christer Mattsson (Acreo)

Benefitting from rural broadband: Applications and services for digital growth, Eurico Neves, (Inovamais)

Policy measures for digital growth: Regional challenges and good practices for enabling digital growth, Colm McColgan (ERNACT)

Andalucía (Spain): Presentation

Malopolska (Poland): Presentation and background document

Scotland (United Kingdom): Presentation and background document