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Cluster-based local economic development in the context of RIS3

General Information

Second of a series of five thematic workshops under the umbrella of InFocus, which is a pioneering transnational network led by the city of Bilbao and funded by the URBACT programme. InFocus aims to re-invigorate the urban/metropolitan agenda on economic development by means of smart specialisation as overarching approach, while articulating better with RIS3 at regional level.

In this context, the Frankfurt meeting will address smart specialisation as a booster for cluster-based local economic development. Thus, yet the cluster approach is generally well assumed as must-do segmentation of regional and urban economies, smart specialisation as a policy concept puts a focus on the bridges and cross-cutting connections among those priority clusters.

The event is open to anyone interested in the field where business clusters, cities and smart specialisation meet together. That is, cluster managers, practitioners at city level working on cluster development, teams leading RIS3 strategies at regional/national level and experts and academics.  

Agenda and Presentations

Scoping note and Agenda


Cluster-based local economic development in the context of RIS3 venue
Frankfurt Economic Development GmbH Hanauer Landstra├če 126-128, Frankfurt am Main (DE)

Contact information

For further information you may contact the local organization team: Ansgar Roese and Carolin Lebzien, Frankfurt Economic Development GmbH 

InFocus lead expert: Miguel Rivas

Registration information

The event will be open to any interested participant, yet registration will be mandatory and subject to final acceptance