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Challenges and Monitoring Implementation

General Information

The S3 Platform organised a high-level meeting on challenges and monitoring implementation of S3 strategies, which presented the state of play regarding the implementation phase of RIS3. Its main objective was to discuss what is needed to maximise the contribution of Smart Specialisation to the European Growth Agenda. The Conference was hosted by the Regional Government of Andalusia and brought together EU, national and regional representatives, experts and policy makers in charge of implementing and monitoring RIS3. Speakers included the European Commissioner for Regional Policy Ms. Crețu, Professor Dominique Foray from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and Isfandyar Zaman Khan from the World Bank. This was a unique opportunity to listen to the new Commissioner's vision on the role of smart specialisation strategies on economic development and job creation and on the importance of developing the right institutions to ensure the effective implementation of these strategies.

Agenda and Presentations

Conference agenda

The sequence of the conference was as follows:

Opening session I: Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart specialisation (RIS3) and the European Growth Agenda
Panel I: Implementation of RIS3: Challenges 
Panel II: Implementation of RIS3: Monitoring


Background material provided by speakers:



Challenges and Monitoring Implementation venue
Fundación Tres Culturas, Isla de la Cartuja, Max Planck, 2, 41092 Seville, (Spain)

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