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An initial exploratory meeting took place in Seville on the Review of the Industrial Transition in Andalusia

The Joint Research Centre in close collaboration with the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia (IDEA) and the Andalusian Energy Agency hosted a full day consultation activity on the Review of the Industrial Transition of Andalusia at its Seville location on Friday 8 of November 2019. The focus of the meetings was on the industrial theme of renewable energy, batteries and electric accumulators and their various applications in logistics as well as their associated value chains.

The session was organized as part of the Working Group on Understanding and Managing Industrial Transitions within the RIS3 in Lagging Regions project. The Review aims to  facilitate coordination between relevant policy portfolios and stakeholders, including among others, research and innovation, education and training, industrial and investment policies and appropriate adaptations of the institutional framework. The Review will develop, in close collaboration with all interested parties, concrete proposals for the transition of individual innovation, production and consumption systems on the selected industrial theme. The Review can support the identification of growth opportunities within the industry sector and the creation of quality jobs while taking into account the importance of mitigating the negative economic and social impact of the transition process.

The JRC team comprised the following experts: Héloïse Berkowitz (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), Totti Könnölä, (Insight Foresight Institute (IFI)), Dimitrios Pontikakis, Elisabetta Marinelli and Inmaculada Perianez (Joint Research Centre, European Commission).