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2013 Technology Map of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan

The Technology Map is the SET-Plan reference document on the state of knowledge on low carbon technology in the EU.
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The Technology Map is one of the principal regular deliverables of SETIS. It is prepared by JRC scientists in collaboration with colleagues from other services of the European Commission and with experts from industry, national authorities and academia, to provide: • a concise and authoritative assessment of the state of the art of a wide portfolio of low-carbon energy technologies; • their current and estimated future market penetration and the barriers to their large-scale deployment; • the ongoing and planned R&D and demonstration efforts to overcome technological barriers; and, • reference values for their operational and economic performance, which can be used for the modelling and analytical work performed in support of implementation of the SET-Plan. This fourth edition of the Technology Map, i.e. the 2013 update, addresses 22 different technologies, covering the whole spectrum of the energy system, including both supply and demand technologies, namely: Wind Power Generation, Solar Photovoltaic Electricity Generation, Concentrated Solar Power Generation, Hydropower, Geothermal Energy, Marine Energy, Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power, Carbon Capture and Storage in Power Generation, Advanced Fossil Fuel Power Generation, Nuclear Fission Power Generation, Nuclear Fusion Power Generation, Smart Grids, Bioenergy - Power and Heat Generation, Biofuels for the Transport Sector, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, Electricity Storage in the Power Sector, Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emission Reduction in Industry (The Cement Industry, The Iron and Steel Industry, The Pulp and Paper Industry), Heating and Cooling, Heat Pumps, and Energy Performance of Buildings.