RIS3 is a process, at the end of which regional/national strategies should identify activities, in which an investment of resources is likely to stimulate knowledge-driven growth. The Eye@RIS3 is an online database, intended as a tool to help strategy development rather than a source of statistical data. Regions are requested to introduce/update input in the database, which will produce a realistic map of the process of RIS3 development.

The database provides you with information on the envisioned priorities of other regions. The purpose of the database is to give an overview of regions' priorities in order to enable others to position themselves, to find their unique niches and to seek out potential partners for collaboration.

In using the mapping tool the regions that emerge as having self-identified priorities in for example agro-food depends on the type of search (capabilities, target markets and policy priorities or by various keywords in free text priority descriptions). It should be kept in mind that initial regional capabilities, which although important, will not by itself determine the final priority choices; the goal of regional development may well be  diversification into areas of greater potential after analysing the specific historical and geographical constraints.

Data on envisaged priorities come from RIS3 strategies, peer review workshops and expert assessment reports that has been added to the database by the S3 Platform; as well as contributions from regions that have uploaded their envisaged priorities. To fill out the priorities the user insert data in a template with areas for the region's name, a brief text about the prioritised areas, and a request to select from lists in three categories which also have sub-categories. A region can include as many priorities as they wish (for more information, see the guide).

The three categories aim to combine the regional capabilities identified as departure points and the target markets being addressed (quite often these categories can overlap), with 'top down' EU wide policy objectives. The first two categories are based on Nace 1 and Nace 2 sectoral codes and OECD categories, but with some modification. The S3 Platform has created a list of eight EU wide policy areas and six subcategories for each, based on the 'Societal Grand Challenges' identified in Horizon2020 and the headline policies in the Innovation Union Flagship Initiative, including Creative and Cultural Industries, KETs, Social Innovation and the Digital Agenda.

Eye@RIS3 can be searched with all or a selection of the categories as well as free text within the descriptions. One can also search for individual regions and national priorities through searching for their name or through their NUTS ID.

Note: The database cannot create perfect matches with all the approaches to priority setting of the regions, but serves as user friendly tool to provide an initial indication of where regions are aiming with their priorities.


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Please note that your updates of priorities are not displayed on the website immediately as they need to be ewvised and published by the database administrator, which normally takes 1-2 days.

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