Smart Stories Smart Stories

In recent years, over 120 Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) have been developed, at regional and national level, across the EU.

Thanks to the valuable contributions of national and regional authorities, the early examples of Smart Stories show that Smart Specialisation has gone far beyond the mere fulfilment of the ex-ante conditionality criteria linked to Cohesion Policy allocations. They reflect how managing authorities have used the S3 concept to develop their own innovation-driven economic transformation agendas at national and regional level.

In the challenging RIS3 implementation phase, the new set of Smart Stories wish to gather examples from a wide range of stakeholders, including inter alia, members of the Agri-Food, Energy and Industrial Modernisation Thematic Platforms, together with higher education institutions and managing authorities at national and regional levels. These testimonials enable stakeholders to identify interesting implementation examples, complementarities and potential for mutual learning and collaboration.

We encourage stakeholders to share their stories with the S3 community of practice. If you wish to do so, please refer to the template and contact the S3 Platform:

Download the booklet "Smart Stories, Implementing Smart Specialisation across Europe", a collection of over 30 such first-hand experiences.

Notes: These stories are based on information provided by national and regional authorities. The images in the stories are for illustrative purposes and do not always reflect the S3 process itself.