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ORU Fogar’s 2030 Work Group launches the RIS3 Project in Latin America

ORU opens a call so that its Latin American member regions can benefit from the EU program “Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart...

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The Smart Specialisation approach requires looking beyond national/regional boundaries. Countries and regions should identify their competitive advantages through systematic and constructive comparisons, mapping their national and the international context in search of examples to learn from and performing effective collaboration (Foray et al, 2012). In the context of developing countries, S3 related-action contributes to the international efforts to promote sustainable development and innovation. In this regard, globalisation trends appear as a challenge that can be harnessed with target investments at regional level, favouring innovation and moving up value chains to stimulate private investments (European Commission, 2017).

This section aims at illustrating the main contributions of the S3 Platform in the implementation of smart specialisation concept in non-EU countries as a way to promote cooperation with partners of the EU. This space will briefly showcase initiatives, good practices, strategies and roadmaps taking place in other latitudes as a way to allow the establishment of cooperation bridges between specialised territories.

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Smart Specialisation in EU and Chile, common challenges and opportunities

The objective of the visit was to learn from the experiences on the Smart Specialisation Concept and its implementation in the EU Member States/Regions...

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