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Facts & Figures

Capital: Östersund

Size: 34,009 km2

Population: 112,725

Regional GDP: 4,076,000

% of the National GDP: 1.1

Regional GERD (%): 0.44

% of Unemployment: 6.0 (2015)

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Noaksson, Erik

  Email: erik.noaksson@regionjh.se   Phone: 0046-63-14 65 62

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Description Capabilities Target Markets EU Priorities
Clean tech - cooperation in the Nordic green belt $category_1_text $categoryService.getCategoryDescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid2_1()) $policy_2_text
Tourism, sports and leisure time $category_1_text $categoryService.getCategoryDescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid2_1()) $policy_2_text
Public sector innovation, spin-offs and improved processes $categoryService.getCategoryDescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid1_1()) $categoryService.getCategoryDescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid2_1()) $policyService.getCategory3DescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid31())

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