• Östergötlands
  • NUTS 3 : SE123
  • SE

Facts & Figures

Capital: Linköping

Size: 11,584.7 km2

Population: 431,075

Regional GDP: 13,423

% of the National GDP:

Regional GERD (%):

% of Unemployment:

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Lindberg, Anna

  Email: anna.b.lindberg@regionostergotland.se   Phone: 0046-10 103 65 17

Larsson, Peter

  Email: Peter.L.Larsson@regionostergotland.se   Phone: 0046-10 103 65 26

Digital Growth
Helander, Mats

  Email: mats.helander@regionostergotland.se

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Description Capabilities Target Markets EU Priorities
Logistics of goods and services. a wide range of logistical processes including goods, people and material as well as service delivery. 1. Transporting & storage 1. Transporting & storage
New industrial materials. novel materials such as Graphen but also light weight composites as well as nano engineered surface coatings for metals and plastics. 1. Manufacturing & industry$categoryService.getCategoryDescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid1_2()) 1. Manufacturing & industry$categoryService.getCategoryDescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid2_2()) 1. KETs
2. Advanced materials
Simulation and visualization. visualization of complex data, processes and interactions through virtual models, simulation as well as visual, interactive media and games. 1. Information & communication technologies (ICT)$categoryService.getCategoryDescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid1_2()) 1. Information & communication technologies (ICT)$categoryService.getCategoryDescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid2_2()) 1. Digital Agenda
Smart and secure connected products and systems. systems of secure, Internet-integrated, communicating electronics and sensors as well as innovative methods for manufacturing and distribution of such systems/products, e.g. printed electronics. 1. Information & communication technologies (ICT)$categoryService.getCategoryDescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid1_2()) 1. Manufacturing & industry$categoryService.getCategoryDescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid2_2()) 1. Digital Agenda$policyService.getCategory3DescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid3_2())
Zero-carbon energy systems. fuels from renewable sources and in particular the capability to develop efficient structures for producing, processing and distribution of such fuels as well as their integration in existing energy systems. 1. Energy production & distribution
2. Power generation/renewable sources
1. Energy production & distribution
2. Energy distribution
1. Sustainable innovation
2. Sustainable energy & renewables

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