• Lisbon Metropolitan Area
  • NUTS 2 : PT17
  • PT

Facts & Figures

Capital: Lisboa

Size: 3,001.9 km2

Population: 2,823,798

Regional GDP: 64,275

% of the National GDP: 37.19

Regional GERD (%): 2.45

% of Unemployment: 14.1

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Ramos, Ana

  Email: ana.ramos@ccdr-lvt.pt   Phone: 00351-213 837 164

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Priority Name Description
Tourism and hospitality based on natural, historic and heritage including eco-tourism. Application of ICTs to tourist industry. Links to the creative industries.
Creativity and the cultural industries, supported by innovation in ICTs and linked to tourism
Advanced services to companies, especially in the area of ICTs
Marine resources related to geology, robotics, construction and repair of naval vessels, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Health services, research and technologies: Pharmaceutical, medical equipment and devices.
Mobility and transport - Production and repair for automotive, naval and aeronautic industries

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S3 Strategy:

RIS3 Strategy Lisboa - Final document in Portuguese (01/2015)

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