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Facts & Figures

Capital: Lisboa

Size: 92,211.9 km2

Population: 10,541,840

National GDP: 165,690 (2013)

National GERD (%): 1.36 (2013)

% of Unemployment: 12.9

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Cruz, Miguel

  Email: miguel.cruz@iapmei.pt   Phone: 00351-21 383 60 00

Cilínio, Pedro

  Email: pedro.cilinio@iapmei.pt

Egreja, Filomena

  Email: filomena.egreja@iapmei.pt


S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Priority Name Description
Particular strength in the production of electricity through wind, hydro and photovoltaic sources of renewable energy
Portugal has strengths in the following areas of ICTs and related varieties: Internet and networks of the future, robotics and cognitive systems, 'trustworthy ICTs', energy efficiency, education, management, bibliography, health, integrated systems, transport
Extractive industries linked to Portuguese manufacturing strengths, especially pulp and paper, petrochemicals, ceramics, cork, textiles and tiles, as well as an emerging biocombustible speciaalisation
Production technologies and production industries
Automotive, aeronautics and space
Connect Portugal's cities and regions internationally
Increase exports of quality foodstuffs
Multi-functional forestry
Sustainable fishing
Valorization of marine ecosystems and links with renewable energy
Deep sea mining
Coastal tourism, culture, sport and leisure
Sustainable exploitation of natural resources, especially water
Health & health tourism
Tourism with a focus on ICTs to create national value chains
Clustering of cultural & creative industries to achieve impact
Eco-construction linked to 'habitat'

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