• Mazowieckie
  • NUTS 2 : PL12
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Facts & Figures

Capital: Warszawa

Size: 35,558.0 km2

Population: 5,285,604

Regional GDP: 79,061

% of the National GDP: 22.29

Regional GERD (%): 1.19

% of Unemployment: 7.9

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Regional S2E Profile


Dylewski, Piotr

  Email: piotr.dylewski@mazovia.pl   Phone: 0048-22 5979952

Tchorznicka, Monika

  Email: monika.tchorznicka@mazovia.pl   Phone: 0048-22 5117411

Wojtalewicz, Zaneta

  Email: zaneta.wojtalewicz@mazovia.pl   Phone: 0048-22 5979984

Rudnicka, MaƂgorzata

  Email: malgorzata.rudnicka@mazovia.pl

Bialczak, Malgorzata

  Email: malgorzata.bialczak@mazovia.pl   Phone: 0048-22 5979794

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Priority Name Description
Safe food production; logistics; packaging; high quality; sustainable development; consumer safety
Quality of life Education; health; security; modern forms of work; leisure time
Intelligent management systems infrastructural solutions; security & monitoring; resources & energy efficiency
Professional services for business capital, organizational & infrastructural support; knowledge resources; processes improvement

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12th Peer Review - Potsdam (DE), 05 & 06 November 2013
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