• Eastern Netherlands
  • NUTS 1 : NL2
  • NL

Facts & Figures

Capital: Arnhem & Zwolle

Size: km2


Regional GDP:

% of the National GDP:

Regional GERD (%):

% of Unemployment:

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Zweers, Reinier

  Email: r.zweers@gelderland.nl   Phone: 0031-263599848

Boerboom, Joep

  Email: j.boerboom@overijssel.nl   Phone: 0031-384997062

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Description Capabilities Target Markets EU Priorities
reducing animal-related diseases transmitted through food: animal keeping, food chain quality, resitance breeding $category_1_text $category_2_text $policy_2_text
promote private sector implementation of innovations in nano technology by the R&D sector $category_1_text $category_2_text $policy_2_text
development of robotics for transcranial Magnetic Stimulation $category_1_text $category_2_text $policy_2_text
increase collaborations between knowledge centra and the hortculture sector to improve resource efficiency $category_1_text $category_2_text $policy_2_text
Increase cost effectiveness of health care $category_1_text $category_2_text $policy_2_text
laser technology for skin diagnostics $category_1_text $category_2_text $policy_2_text
promote triple helix partnership for the development of smart grids $category_1_text $category_2_text $policy_2_text

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