• Abruzzo
  • NUTS 2 : ITF1
  • IT

Facts & Figures

Capital: L' Aquila

Size: 10,762.7 km2

Population: 1,344,932

Regional GDP: 28,696

% of the National GDP: 1.85

Regional GERD (%): 0.95

% of Unemployment: 8.5

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Di Rino, Tommaso

  Email: tommaso.dirino@regione.abruzzo.it

Commito, Nicola

  Email: nicola.commito@regione.abruzzo.it   Phone: 0039-085 767 2301

Antinarella, Daniele

  Email: daniele.antinarella@regione.abruzzo.it   Phone: 0039-085 767 2326

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Priority Name Description
Smart constructions and buildings (KETs for sustainable and innovative materials and technologies for monitoring materials deformations, face recognition and seismic control systems)
Agrifood (KETs related to the production and processing of traditional goods such as pasta, wine and olive oil, technologies for improving the quality of food and environmental sustainability)
Smart technologies (production of computers, electronic and optical equipment, the collection and processing of water and waste, transport and storage, tourism and recreational services, education)
Motor vehicles and transport equipments - new materials and process technologies to improve the energetic, environmental, and logistic efficiency.
Life science (production of pharmaceuticals, R&D, and health care)

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S3 Strategy:

RIS3 Strategy Abbruzzo - Final document in Italian (03/2015)

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