• Basse-Normandie
  • NUTS 2 : FR25
  • FR

Facts & Figures

Capital: Caen

Size: 17,589.3 km2

Population: 1,480,171

Regional GDP: 34,324

% of the National GDP: 1.77

Regional GERD (%): 1.11

% of Unemployment: 9.7

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Saint, Fabrice

  Email: f.saint@crbn.fr   Phone: 0033-2 31 06 95 39

S3 Energy
Larcher, Jean-Pierre

  Email: larcher@miriade-innovation.fr   Phone: 0033-2 31 53 34 54

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Description Capabilities Target Markets EU Priorities
Oyster mortality, sustainable methods of aquaculture, re-use of waste such as empty shells and their transformation in building material, culture of Algae, preservation of marine ecosystems, $category_1_text $category_2_text $policy_2_text
Milk and meat production with R&D linked to production and conservation aspects such as microb ecosystems, probiotic cultures, packaging, equipment hygiene. $category_1_text $category_2_text $policyService.getCategory3DescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid31())
Nuclear waste treatment $category_1_text $category_2_text $policyService.getCategory3DescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid31())
Nuclear applications for health and horse health $category_1_text $category_2_text $policyService.getCategory3DescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid31())
Digital society - 1 secure electronic transactions (fixed & wireless, digital identity, contactless transactions), 2 scanning, digitalisation of documents, 3 virtual reality. $category_1_text $category_2_text $policyService.getCategory3DescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid31())
New materials, lasting and intelligent materials involved in various sectors such as transport (aeronautics, automobile), energy, health and electronics. Also in fundamental research. For the two axes engineering and conception of advanced materials and performant materials and eco-development. $category_1_text $category_2_text $policyService.getCategory3DescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid31())
Renewable marine energy generation $category_1_text $category_2_text $policyService.getCategory3DescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid31())

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