• Helsinki-Uusimaa
  • NUTS 3 : FI1B1
  • FI

Facts & Figures

Capital: Helsinki

Size: 9,567.7 km2

Population: 1,549,058

Regional GDP: 69,173

% of the National GDP: 38.69

Regional GERD (%):

% of Unemployment: 5.8

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Heiniemi-Pulkkinen, Kristiina

  Email: kristiina.heiniemi-pulkkinen@uudenmaanliitto.fi   Phone: 00358-400 416 714 (Mobile)

Lainevuo, Ari

  Email: ari.lainevuo@uudenmaanliitto.fi   Phone: 00358-503 631 657 (Mobile)

Tuomi, Rosa

  Email: rosa.tuomi@uudenmaanliitto.fi   Phone: 00358-505 630 375 (Mobile)

Kallasvaara, Heikki

  Email: heikki.kallasvaara@uudenmaanliitto.fi   Phone: 00358-40 161 6794

Vähä-Sipilä, Suvi

  Email: suvi.vaha-sipila@uudenmaanliitto.fi   Phone: 00358-40 180 1017

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Description Capabilities Target Markets EU Priorities
Urban Cleantech: Focuses on combining the planned and existing development and pilot projects located in Helsinki-Uusimaa and fitting the Urban Cleantech theme into an entity that will produce a viable and compatible model for solving environmental challenges in cities. The goal is to make the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region the leading European platform for the development of Cleantech solutions, including the testing, development and commercialization of environmental technologies, energy solutions, biomass utilization, key infrastructure and service models. 1. Construction
2. Specialised construction activities
1. Construction
2. Specialised construction activities
1. Sustainable innovation
2. Resource efficiency
Human Health Tech: Focuses on Finnish medicine, biotechnology and health care technology and innovative care process expertise combinations. Co-development processes support a user-oriented perspective, where the well-being technologies are seen as a part of human-oriented health care and welfare services and processes. 1. Human health & social work activities$categoryService.getCategoryDescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid1_2()) 1. Human health & social work activities$categoryService.getCategoryDescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid2_2()) 1. Public health & security$policyService.getCategory3DescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid3_2())
Smart Citizen: Supports regional, national and international projects that aim to develop data and customer oriented service systems or to develop public administration. Makes use of open innovation models, open service models, possibilities opened up by digitalisation but also considering privacy themes. 1. Information & communication technologies (ICT)
2. Information service activities
1. Information & communication technologies (ICT)
2. Computer programming, consultancy & related activities
1. Digital Agenda
2. Open data & sharing of public sector information
Digitalising Industry: Focuses on supporting industry renewal by utilizing the opportunities provided by digitalization and ICT as well as big data. Developing value chains and business operation in order to renew the companies. 1. Manufacturing & industry 1. Manufacturing & industry 1. KETs
2. Advanced manufacturing systems
Welfare City: Combines the development of the urban metropolitan area and service solutions enabled by new technologies. Aims to promote healthy urban living and combine construction expertise, digital solutions, welfare technologies and business models as well as sustainable development themes. 1. Information & communication technologies (ICT)
2. Information service activities
1. Services$categoryService.getCategoryDescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid2_2()) 1. Service innovation$policyService.getCategory3DescForSearchContainer($regInfo.getCategoryid3_2())

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