• Principado de Asturias
  • NUTS 2 : ES12
  • ES

Facts & Figures

Capital: Oviedo

Size: 10,603.6 km2

Population: 1,052,711

Regional GDP: 22,420

% of the National GDP: 2.14

Regional GERD (%): 1.01

% of Unemployment: 17.9

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García Morilla, Carlos

  Email: morilla@idepa.es   Phone: 0034-985 98 00 20

Fernández Cuesta, Jaime

  Email: jaime@idepa.es   Phone: 0034-985 98 00 20

Palacio Fernández, Paz

  Email: paz@idepa.es   Phone: 0034-985 98 00 20

Fernández Monzón, Ana Elena

  Email: anae@idepa.es   Phone: 0034-985 98 00 20

S3 Energy
González, Indalecio

  Email: inda@faen.es

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Priority Name Description
Advanced and sustainable materials - Materials for industry, Sustainable materials, Nanomaterials and Graphene
New models for manufacturing - digital manufacturing - additive manufacturing
Supplies, technologies for networks - energy supply and demand (including smart grids, energy storage), logistics and security, management of natural water resources, big data, and sensors.
Steel industry and maritime industry (shipbuilding and offshore energy) - open innovation in steel production and manufacturing - maritime industries: shipbuilding and off-shore energy industries (wind offshore and marine energies: wave and tidal).
Agri-food markets Agri-food resources and dairy biotechnology.
Demographic change and well-being - biomedicine - health pole - indigenous resources and hybridisation

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RIS3 Strategy Principado de Asturias - Final document in Spanish (05/2015)

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