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  • NUTS 1 : DE3
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Facts & Figures

Capital: Berlin

Size: 891.8 km2

Population: 3,501,872

Regional GDP: 99,525

% of the National GDP: 3.99

Regional GERD (%): 3.47

% of Unemployment: 11.9

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Varnhorn, J├╝rgen

  Email: juergen.varnhorn@senwtf.berlin.de   Phone: 0049-3090138169

S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool S3 Priorities as Encoded in the "Eye@RIS3" Tool

Priority Name Description
Healthcare (Biotechnology & pharmaceuticals: regenerative therapies, glycobiotechnology, diagnostics & bio-analytics, companion diagnostics; Medical technology: medical imaging, e-health, biologised medical technology; Innovative patient care & rehabilitation: tele-medicine, IT-based optimisation processes, developing innovative forms of patient care; IT-supported prevention and health promotion & health tourism)
Power engineering (Solar energy: manufacturing of PV modules, supply industry & certification, grid integration & energy storage applications, power plants and integration into buildings; Turbomachinery & power plant engineering: gas turbines, compressor units, aircraft engines/ jet turbines, combustion engineering, modelling of power plants, power plant components, maintenance, repair and overhaul; Energy efficiency technologies: heat supply & distribution, energy-efficient buildings, building envelope, industrial processes, public space; Wind energy: construction, operational management, maintenance, materials science, production and assembly engineering, measurement & control technology, measuring and test methods, offshore material science; Bio-energy: energy crops/short rotation coppice, biogenic residual waste, fermenter technology, biochar, HTC biofuels; Energy networks and storage/e-mobility: integration of renewable energies in energy networks incl. direct storage connection, separate networks, intelligent control rooms, multi-sector grid management, ICT for smart grids, application of mobile energy storage & charging infrastructure (e-mobility))
Transport, mobility & logistics (Automotive: e-mobility, drive technology & alternative fuels, Car2X & automated driving, efficient production & innovative materials, traffic & vehicle safety; Logistics: transloading centers (GVZ), inter-modal freight service, area development surrounding the airport, logistics-based value-added services; Aerospace: flight engines, very small space satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), testing & simulation; Railway: Shift2Rail (EU Joint Undertaking), energy efficient railway systems, innovative control & safety systems, efficient use of railway infrastructure, innovative IT-based solutions to increase attractiveness of railway; Traffic tele-matics: multi-modal mobility, car IT, navigation, location bases services and digital maps, control systems for providers, fleet management)
ICT (digital infrastructure (telecommunication, broadband, wireless, data centres), digital business solutions (mobile applications, web services, industry-specific solutions), software development technologies & usability, internet services (digital commerce, social media, platforms), internet of things & industry 4.0, openIT, open data, geo-information, cloud computing, software as a service, IT security, security with IT)
Media & creative industry (presentation & networking platforms (incl. Berlin Web Week, Berlin Fashion Week, Berlin Art Week), games & edutainment, cross-innovation (incl. competitions focussed on innovation topics, matchmaking between startups and investors as well as old and digital economy), innovation labs/incubators, crowdfunding/crowdinvesting)
Optics (Communication and sensors: photonic systems integration (on-chip and hybrid), development of high-rate dynamic communication systems, fiber optic sensor technology, innovative material-processing (micro/ macro, 3D laser printing); Laser technology: development of novel direct-diode-laser systems; Lighting technology: addressability of light in outdoor lighting, individualization of light in indoor lighting, technological lighting systems (SSL systems, MIR and semiconductor); Optical analytics: visual process metrology, multidimensional spectroscopy, applications in biomedicine, optical sensors & fiber optics; Biomedical & ophthalmic optics: molecular imaging, disposable diagnostics, ophthalmic optics/ optometry; Micro systems technology: wide-bandgap semiconductors, power electronics & sensors, micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems (MOEMS))
Production & automation technology (data safety, human-machine-interfaces, working world industry 4.0, upgrading of facilities)
Clean technologies (Sustainable water management: water procurement & water treatment, water use, use of rainwater, wastewater management; Circular economy, material & resource efficiency: collection & transport, treatment, energy recovery of waste, cosultancy, waste & material flow management)
Security (IT security, security with IT)

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