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The Regional Co-operation Networks for Industrial Modernisation Initiative, or ReConfirm, is an EU funded project designed specifically to assist European regions and industrial stakeholders in implementing their action plan under the Smart Specialisation Platform for Industrial Modernisation.

To this end, ReConfirm offers a range of services to help inter-regional partnerships move toward this goal, including:

  • Matchmaking events
  • Mapping analysis of regional competences and roadmaps for cooperation
  • Identification of additional potential partners
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Collaboration labs

If a regional partnership group is eligible for establishing a Thematic Area under the Platform, ReConfirm services are tailored to the specific partnership's needs.


ReConfirm services

ReConfirm offers a suite of services to help inter-regional partners move towards a signed investment protocol. As all partnerships are different, ReConfirm tailors the services to the specific needs of the partnership.

Matchmaking events

ReConfirm can help to organise matchmaking events bringing together regional partners and help to drive your partnership forward. Each matchmaking event has a specially selected and dedicated ‘expert broker’ to facilitate the development of deals at both international and local level. 

The matchmaking events bring together existing partnership members with other suitable delegates. Additional delegates are selected based on their ability to fill the gaps in existing partnerships.  At the matchmaking events, attendees work towards developing a common roadmap to get all partners to a successful investment protocol.

Mapping analysis of regional competences and roadmaps for cooperation

Mapping analyses (or so called Mapping Papers) are prepared for the S3 Platform-Industry partnerships as entry point for the actual support services which can be provided by ReConfirm. Mapping Papers will provide a structured analysis of each Expression of Interest based on the information made available (focusing on their context and objectives, geographical coverage, composition, etc.) and will identify their gaps and opportunities for cooperation.

A key component in developing the mapping will be a discussion with the leader of the partnership to better understand the required level of support in the scope of ReConfirm. Interviews will be conducted in order to help mapping the collaborations of each partnership.

The Mapping papers will set the scene for the collaboration labs or the matchmaking events or more mature support types.

Moreover, ReConfirm can help to create an agreed roadmap for partners. The Roadmaps will keep the partnership on track by describing the roles and responsibilities of partners, to help you work towards a signed protocol.

Identification of additional potential partners

Based on the Expression of Interest, intake interviews and desk research such as the analysis of smart specialisation strategies, ReConfirm identifies gaps in the partnerships and provides suggestions for additional regions.

One-to-one coaching

Partnerships will be supported by brokers one-to-one in the process to make sure the partnership progresses over time towards the investment protocol.

Collaboration Labs

Collaboration Labs are day-long roundtable events that help stakeholders develop their ideas from general interest on a specific theme. At the end of the event, partnerships have identified a portfolio of investment projects.

ReConfirm organises Collaboration Labs as launch events for new potential partnerships or as dedicated events for existing partnerships.