Production Performance Monitoring Systems Production Performance Monitoring Systems


The focus of this partnership is on the development of a bespoke system capable to collect and analyse operational (machine/infrastructure) data. The proposed data system would then be used to streamline certain manufacturing processes, with resulting improvements in yields, quality and accuracy.

This system will be initially implemented at machine- and company levels, but the partners will also consider setting up a cross-regional platform. It is currently envisaged that the CNC-Machine user sector is to become the first test-bed.

At the technical level, operationalising such a partnership in the field of CNC-Machining would require examining:

  • Hardware,
  • Business needs,
  • Programming.

Short-term (3-year) perspective: The first step will focus on further integration of ICT into production lines in order to gather, aggregate and analyse (monitoring) information that can be managed both at the company and ecosystem level.

Intermediary perspective: As a result of joint analyses, a second step in the process would be to structure an exchange of best practices across regions.

Long-term (visionary) perspective: A final step could imply the full automation of companies through the deployment of Artificial Intelligence at the company level, where production lines would be self-controlling, self-setting and self-assessing.


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