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Europe is investing both in academia and commercially on integrated photonics. The basis of such investments to date was to establish platform technologies that may enable to drive economies of scale in photonics.

Although, many public programs and commercial R&D activities are mainly focused on the communications segment, Europe is already taking the technology to the next level with other non-communications market segments. The field of photonics and the area of photonics integration (photonics integrated circuits or PICs) offer a chance not only to reduce power consumption but also to address miniaturization at the photonics chip level. The medical field would be extremely excited for instance to see miniaturization to enable new tools and analysis techniques from the benefits of using PIC technology.

The goal of the work to be undertaken under the Smart Specialisation Platform for Industrial modernisation is to identify and position the European photonic clusters – with the support of their regional governments - that have unique and valuable propositions, capabilities and capacities in the various supply and value chains for the various commercial application fields.

By doing this, Europe is to become a gateway for (integrated) photonic solutions for industry, covering the whole supply chain. However, to get the level of maturity in the industry enabling competing in the global arena, dedicated development activities must be taken, like the funding of demonstrators, prototypes and efforts to scale-up to competitive industrial cost levels. By having a sound perspective on the best European supply chains, it can be avoided that both public money and policy attention is scattered among many initiatives.


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Ewit Roos, PhotonDelta, South-Netherlands


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