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Apart from the EU Macro-Regional Strategies (MRS) numerous other initiatives were put in place to bring together national, regional authorities, sectorial ministries and agencies, managing authorities of programmes, academia, research, entrepreneurs, local associations and other stakeholders such as civil society in an organised way to tackle certain common challenges.

Among numerous stakeholder platforms promoting smart sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe there are also initiatives to promote such development activities in the Atlantic area.  One of the important such initiatives dealing with the blue growth, sea basin strategy, marine and maritime affairs was initiated by the Atlantic coastal regions of Europe and by the European Commission, DG MARE.

To facilitate the dialogue and interaction around the S3 related topics of blue growth the S3 Platform has participated and co-organised a number of S3 seminars and workshops inviting a wide range of participants involved in the design and implementation of Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) in the topics related to blue growth. These events contributed to the dialogue and initiating some trans-regional multi-stakeholder partnerships aiming at developing collaboration opportunities within S3 priorities related to the blue growth activities related in particular to the Atlantic coasts and islands.

Events Events

Central European Cooperation in Smart Specialisation on the Application of ICT and Advanced Manufacturing Solutions in the Food Supply Chain workshop

This cooperation workshop is organised by Campden BRI Magyarország Nonprofit Kft. and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia - Chamber of...

Smart towns in Central and Eastern Europe Workshop

The conference is organized by the Strategic Research & Innovation Partnership (SRIP) for Smart Cities and Communities, with over 150 Slovenian companies...

Workshop Smart Specialisation in Brazil, changelles and opportunities for regional policies of innovation

The S3 Platform participates in the kick-off event of the project: Smart Specialisation in Brazil, challenges and opportunities for regional policies of...

First CatLabs Innovation Camp

Innovation Camp is a co-creation methodology that is being tested and promoted by the S3 Platform as a tool and practice that can be embraced by regions...

Synergies: Sustainable Growth in Marine and Maritime Sectors of Slovenia in the Northern Adriatic - Bluemed meeting on macro-regional level

In the context of the Bluemed initiative the Ministry of Education Science and Sport (MIZŠ) and the Marine Biology Station of the National Institute of...
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Publications Publications

Innovation Camp Methodology Handbook

S3 Handbooks Gabriel Rissola, Hank Kune, Paolo Martinez
This Handbook is conceived to encourage regions and cities from all over Europe to adopt the Innovation Camps methodology as a tool to address...

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