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High Technology Farming is a broad concept which refers to a wide range of new tools (Robotics, ICT, Big Data, Earth Observation, etc.). The synergic use of these instruments allows the shifting to the new paradigm of Sustainable Precision Agriculture (SPF).

A dedicated partnership on High Tech Farming under the European S3 AGROFOOD Platform has been promoted by Tuscany Region to facilitate interregional and cross-border cooperation and projects, thus accelerating the uptake of SPF in European agricultural systems.

Several EU Regions have expressed concrete interest in this partnership and, after the S3 Agrofood Platform kick-off event in Florence (6-7 December), they agree to focusing their joint work on the following five value chains:

  • Tree nursery, Viticulture, Fruits (relatively more intensive)

  • Livestock outdoor

  • Livestock indoor

  • Arable, Cereals, vegetables (outdoor)

  • Protected cultivation (different types of greenhouses, highly intensive)



Fabio Boscaleri, Policy Officer, Regione Toscana – DG Giunta Regionale, Email: fabio.boscaleri@regione.toscana.it

Fausta Fabri, Regione Toscana, Email: fausta.fabbri@regione.toscana.it 


Additional information and documents

Draft Scoping note


Pillars of the Scoping Note

Key Milestones and Past Events:

1st Technical meeting on 24th February 2017:
Presentation of methodology & results for the scoping note on “High Tech Farming”

2nd Technical meeting on 13th April 2017:
Insights gained from the mapping exercise

1-2 June 2017: Smart Regions 2.0 Conference, Helsinki (Finland):
The S3P Agri-food on High-Tech Farming took part in the Smart Regions 2.0 Conference in Helsinki on 1-2 June 2017. On the 1st of June 2017, the thematic partnership delivered a presentation during parallel session 2C: Investing in agri-food and then played an active in the subsequent structured group discussions.