Mirror group Mirror group

Composition of the mirror group

The mirror group is composed by high-representatives of networks, international organisations and international academic and corporate experts.

The members of the mirror group are appointed by the S3 Platform steering team. The mirror group can propose the appointment of new members to the steering team.

Tasks of the mirror group

The mirror group has an advisory role on the works of the Commission services related to smart specialisation, including the S3 Platform, particularly with regard to general conceptual and methodological issues concerning RIS3, including policy tools.

Conceptual and methodological issues also include development of synergies between the policies involved support to the development of guides for the improvement of the delivery instruments.

It also acts as a discussion forum on the different dimensions of smart specialisation on the basis of documents and presentations provided/delivered by its members and other bodies such as the OECD and the World Bank and the Commission services.

In more general terms, the Mirror Group has the objective of helping the European Commission build capacity at different institutional levels across Europe to design and implement RIS3 and digital growth strategies and of acting as ambassadors of the concept in several fora and policy discussions.

Name Job Title Association
Richard Tuffs (Chair) Director ERRIN - European Regions Research and Innovation Network
Attané Muriel Secretary General EARTO - European Association of Research and Technology Organistions
Cervantes Mario Senior Economist, Countries Studies and Outlook Division, STI Directorate OECD
Clar Günter   Independent Consultant
Correa Paulo Lead Economist World Bank
Coyne Mike Senior Researcher Centre for Strategy and Evaluation Services
Delorme Hubert Secretariat - Regional Policy UEAPME - European Association of Crafts, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Foray Dominique Director Chair of Economics and Management of Innovation - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Goddard John Emeritus Professor of Regional Development Studies Centre for Urban & Regional Development Studies (CURDS) - Newcastle University
Harmaakorpi Vesa Professor of Innovation Systems Lahti School of Innovation - Lappeenranta University of Technology
Hofheinz Paul President Lisbon Council
Huemer Gerhard Director Economic and Fiscal Policy UEAPME - European Association of Crafts, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Ketels Christian Principal Associate Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness - Harvard Business School
Langer Jerzy Professor Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences
Mattsson Crister Senior Advisor Swedish ICT - ACREO
Markkula Markku Member Committee of the Regions
McCann Philip Holder of Endowed Chair of Economic Geography University of Groningen
Morgan Kevin Professor of Governance and Development Cardiff School of City and Regional Planning - Cardiff University
Nauwelaers Claire Policy Analyst International STI policy expert
Navarro Mikel Senior Researcher Orkestra - Instituto Vasco de Competitividad
Pattinson Marc European Cluster Alliance Secretariat European Cluster Alliance
Pelayo Esteban Executive Manager EURADA - European Association of Regional Development Agencies
Perissé Damien Director Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe
Romeras Lubias Felipe Responsible for the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain
Severijns Jean Project Manager Internationalisation Province of Limburg
Vanrie Philippe CEO EBN - European BIC Network