Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing

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Monitoring report covering the period from September 2013 to June 2018 has been just published containing a management report and a progress report prepared by the Lead Region(s).
Future meetings:

18 December 2018, Brussels h. 10-17, ESM pilot final meeting

Future workshops:

15 November 2018, Milan h. 10-17, "adaptive and intelligent manufacturing" and "digital and virtual factory" demo-cases workshop


Advanced Manufacturing is a key sub-area proposed for cooperation in the framework of the Industrial Modernisation Platform. The Specific topic is “EFFICIENT AND SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURING” (ESM), a pilot born in the framework of the Vanguard Initiative and promoted by the regions Lombardy and Catalonia.

The focus is on technologies, methods and tools which aim at:

  • Increasing throughput, quality, environmental and social sustainability of manufacturing activities while reducing costs;
  • Reducing emissions, energy, resources and materials consumption,
  • Increasing the inclusion of humans in factories -  Vision: Manufacturing should become efficient and sustainable to enable European reindustrialization and to preserve the environment and the planet’s resources. Manufacturing efficiency and sustainability are two challenges to be addressed in a synergic way and systemic view.

Main objective: Providing industry with innovative solutions from research and exploiting the potential of smart specialisation to promote new efficient supply chains with added high value.

The idea is to conceive and develop a European network of infrastructure and pilot plants in key-manufacturing areas, where companies can test innovative solutions before the industrial uptake.

Potential Impact: By exploiting and valorizing available research results, ESM European pilot plants have the potential to support innovation of companies in breakthrough technologies and applications that require manufacturing efficiency and sustainability.

This approach will increase the competitiveness and development of European value chains, exploiting synergies and complementarities of different regional specialisation.

The ESM Vanguard pilot is aimed at overcoming the barriers limiting innovation and transfer of research results to the European industry through the development of an European synergic network of pilot plants accessible to companies in a logic of Smart Specialisation. Each Region will develop and operate pilot plant nodes coherent to regional industry and competences, offering European companies a “one-stop shop” for the industrial uptake of new technologies and innovative business model.


List of Regions involved

List of thematic areas for investment projects under development

- De- and remanufacturing (Lombardy)
- Smart and adaptive manufacturing (Lombardy, South Netherlands)
- Advanced sustainable surface and coating manufacturing technologies on polymer materials (Catalonia)
- Digital and virtual factory (Lombardy, South Netherlands, Tampere)
- Energy-flexible and resource-efficient factory operation (Saxony, Norte)

Contact details of the Leading Regions

Giacomo Copani from Lombardy, Italy, AFIL - Intelligent Factory Lombardy Cluster (Technical Coordinator) - giacomo.copani@afil.it

Joan Guasch from Catalonia, Spain, EURECAT (Technical Coordinator) - joan.guasch@eurecat.org

Further support from Lombardy region:

Roberta Curiazzi, Lombardy, Italy, AFIL - Intelligent Factory Lombardy Cluster - roberta.curiazzi@afil.it


Contact details of JRC

Email: JRC-S3P-INDUSTRY@ec.europa.eu

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