Peer discussion seminar in the Azores, 5-6 June 2012 Peer discussion seminar in the Azores, 5-6 June 2012


On 5-6 June, the S3 Platform held a third peer-review workshop hosted by the Azorian government in Ponta Delgada, Portugal. Azores currently holds the presidency of the groupin of EU Outermost Regions until October 2012 and the workshop had a focus on peripherality as a factor in smart specialisation strategies. See here the local news telejournal on the seminar.

Three of the Outermost Regions were reviewed (Azores, Canary Islands and Réunion) along with Cornwall, another member of the S3 Platform with similar challenges related to its semi-peripheral geographic location. A further twelve S3P member regions attended and acted as "critical friends".

Please find below all relevant documentation from the workshop



Workshop Agenda (final)


The economic fundamentals of Smart Specialisation by Philip McCann, University of Groningen


Experience from other European regions in developing S3 strategies by Raquel Ortega-Argilés, University of Groningen

The S3 Platform and Guide by John Edwards (S3 Platform, EC)

Smart Specialisation in the Outermost Regions

Ronald Hall, DG Regio

Paulo Menzes, Azores

Session 1 (Cornwall, UK)


RIS3 (Cornwall)

Session 2 (Réunion, France)

RIS3 (Réunion)
Full strategy

Session 3 (Canary Islands, Spain)

RIS3 (Canary Islands)

 Session 4 (Azores, Portugal)


RIS3 (Azores)

Lessons Learned by Raquel  by Raquel Ortega-Argilés, University of Groningen



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