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Workshop: "Insights on assessing the Smart Specialisation experience so far"

General Information

Organised by the S3 Platform, this event will gather a small group of experienced practitioners that will provide insightful feedback of their experience of S3 implementation to date
and will reflect together on better RIS3 design for the upcoming programming period.

Emphasis will be given on:

1) An overview of strengths & weaknesses witnessed so far, as well as threats and opportunities that may be emerging, based on the experience accumulated so far with the S3 process;

2) Lessons learned by regions and main pitfalls observed for each of the six steps described in the Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) guide;

3) Recommendations for a continuous improvement of the RIS3 with a view to better designing the strategies after 2020;

4) Capacity (e.g. in terms of human resources) needed to successfully design and implement a RIS3.

Each participant will be asked to provide a 20 minutes presentation, addressing the above mentioned elements, from the point of view of his/her region's/country's experience to date.

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DG JRC Seville

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Caroline Cohen