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Smart Specialisation in the Atlantic Arc

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More than eighty participants from the different countries and regions of the Atlantic Arc gathered in Bordeaux to discuss how they can implement smart specialisation in their regions and cooperate across borders. Inspiration was taken from the Baltic Sea, which is more advanced in terms of its macro-regional strategy. Regions in the Atlantic share common opportunities and challenges, in particular related to their maritime physical and socio-economic context, and for many their relatively peripheral location. The seminar was hosted by S3 Platform member Aquitaine at the Regional Council in Bordeaux. Its vice-President François Maïtia outlined the many opportunities the Atlantic regions are presented with through cooperation in general and the forthcoming EU funding cycle in particular. This message was reinforced Mikel Landabaso from DG Regional Policy, explaining that innovation can have a large cross border element and the Atlantic regions can design approaches to structural funds that encourage cross border projects. The high potential of maritime industries was the main topic of conversation in a debate on how S3 can be applied to the Atlantic, and in particular how this can be central to the process of priority setting in RIS3 development. Participants learned about how five regions and one Member State (Portugal) were approaching S3 in two case study sessions. The whole event was highly interactive and on the second day participants entered into in depth discussion about how regions can work together in the area of research and innovation during what was called a "RIS3 Café".

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Hôtel de Région d’Aquitaine - 14, rue François de Sourdis, Bordeaux (FR)

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