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Peer eXchange and Learning (PXL) workshop on the entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP)

General Information

The S3 Platform is organising its second Peer eXchange and Learning (PXL) workshop on entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP), based on the demands received thorough the "Call for Expression of interest" we launched last November 2017. This second PXL workshop will be focused on "entrepreneurial discovery process" and is planned for 8 March 2018 in Magdeburg. 

The workshop will be based on the PXL methodology developed by the S3 Platform over the past years (more information on the methodology can be found here)

The PXL exercise will focus on experiences and challenges associated to the operationalisation of the EDP process during the RIS3 implementation. Saxony-Anhalt (DE), North Karelia (FI), Estonia and Jämtland Härjedalen (SE) will provide a short account of their experience so as their most challenging and succesful elements of their EDP. Through experience exchanges, comments and suggestions from JRC staff, peers and experts, regional and national authorities are expected to identify possible solutions to their challenges. The workshop will also intend to provide all participants an opportunity for raising issues, providing feedbacks, networking and learning from others.   



Agenda and Presentations






Entrepreneurial Discovery Process: topic framing

The term Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (or EDP) originally referred to the identification of areas for investment in research and innovation (i.e. priority-areas), through an inclusive and evidence-based process grounded in stakeholders’ engagement. The experience of the S3 Platform has highlighted that the concept itself has evolved from being a process limited to the identification of investment-priorities in the design-phase of a Smart Specialisation Strategy, into a continuous activity, which keeps going throughout the strategy’s implementation. Such continuous EDP implies that stakeholders are kept engaged in the refinement of priority-areas, the identification of instruments that would implement them, as well as the RIS3 governance and monitoring mechanisms that would allow the expected competitive advantages to emerge.

Elisabetta Marinelli and Fabrizio GUZZO (Territorial Development Unit, JRC, European Commission)


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Presentation of the PXL methodology

Estonia and 3 regions will provide a short account of their experience in designing and implementing policy instruments for the implementation of their respective RIS3. Presentations will be then followed by a discussion of the key questions, issues and challenges proposed by the three regions under review. This discussion will be organised across different tables, with each addressing one of the key questions. Someone from each table will then report back on the outcomes.

Fabrizio GUZZO (Territorial Development Unit, JRC, European Commission)


Parallel 1: Saxony – Anhalt (DE) / Estonia




Parallel 2: North Karelia (FI) / Jämtland Härjedalen (SE)


Coffee break


Conclusions and follow up

Territorial Development, JRC, European Commission









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