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Marine Renewable Energy S3Partnership working meeting - videoconference

General Information

Scotland and Basque Country, the co-lead regions of the S3PEnergy partnership on Marine Renewable Energies (MRE), in collaboration with JRC, invite any interested regions in participating in the MRE partnership to virtually meet in a videoconference the 27th March at 15:00.

Tha objective is to get to know each other, set the expectations and solve any doubt the regions might have regarding the survey that was circulated to assess the positioning of the regions in the field of MRE. This survey is the first step towards a deeper collaboration between regions that have identified MRE as a priority theme in their Smart Specialisation Strategy.

The Partnership aims to become a pivotal instrument to promote interregional cooperation and support the deployment of the regional MRE-related priorities.



Agenda and Presentations

Video conference: 27/03/2017, 15:00 (CET).

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Online meeting.