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Learning Lab on "Supporting mechanisms for capacity building in framework programme participation (H2020/Horizon Europe)"

General Information

The Learning Lab  is organised as part of the Stairway to Excellence project, managed by JRC in close cooperation with DG REGIO, and seeks to maximise the impact of Smart Specialisation Strategies in EU regions and member states, and to realise the full potential of using EU funding programmes managed at regional, national and EU levels. This event is the first of a set of pilots that will run over the next two years as part of Working Group on optimising the use of H2020 in implementing RIS3 and following the discussions on needs from national and regional administrations.

The Learning Lab will focus on learning from experiences from different EU territories on how to build capacity for business and research to increase participation in the Framework Programme (H2020/Horizon Europe). The specific topics considered for the Lab include:

  • Increase human capacity and skills
    • In Managing Authorities - Promoting training/capacity building to learn to design and define programmes/calls with ESIF funding to increase competitive proposal writing skills and FP compatibility
    • In organisations – Developing research and innovation managers with knowledge of both ESIF and H2020 who can scan for opportunities and support researchers and other actors to participate
  • Multi-level governance of different support mechanisms to break down silos
    • National/Regional level - Facilitate coordination platforms/bodies to ensure support mechanisms are coordinated rather that duplicated
    • Regional level - Develop regional RIS3 contact points with a more complete vision of the set of instruments and the capacity to connect regional stakeholders
    • Organisational level – Develop the necessary facilities and support for research and innovation managers to  allow them to act as facilitators of synergies with knowledge of ESIF and H2020

Target group

The workshop will be open to all national and regional administrations across the EU.


It is designed as a Mutual Learning Event where cases showing good practices in this field will be shared and discussed, and where participants may table specific requests and alternative solutions will be debated. During the Learning Lab there will be one session per type of activity with pitches showcasing good practices from invited experts. The participants will then break into small discussion groups to address the following:

  • Could such an approach address the issue in their country/region;
  • What changes would need to be implemented to make such activities successful in their country/region;
  • What are the chances that such activities could be implemented: what are the bottlenecks that would prevent implementation;

A rapporteur would report the finding back to the main group. There would also be a rapporteur to report on the overall day to the Working Group on optimising the use of H2020 in implementing RIS3 the next day.

Agenda and Presentations

Draft Agenda of the event


Hotel Miguel Angel / Room: RENACIMIENTO II Calle de Miguel Ángel, 29-31, 28010 Madrid (Spain)

Contact information

For more information, please contact  Gerard Carat / Cristina Torrecillas  

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