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Higher Education for Smart Specialisation: Peer Learning Workshop, Orléans 21 November 2018

General Information

The first Peer Learning Workshop will be hosted by Centre Val Loire in Orléans (France) with the objective of sharing HESS case studies' approaches and action-research lessons learnt. The JRC will present the content of the HESS Handbook (upcoming) that provides six elements to reflect on: HE systems, HE careers, the EDP, governance, funding and monitoring. Four regions, Centre-Val de Loire, Navarre, Puglia and North-East Romania, will share the opportunities and obstacles in building regional partnerships in the context of smart specialisation.

The Peer Learning Workshops will make the most out of participatory methods so that the maximum amount of co-created knowledge can be harvested, with the objective of:
1. Learning about the experiences of others who are trying to build partnerships in the context of Smart Specialisation.
2. Receiving feedback from other regions and Higher Education institutions that can help strengthen the regional partnerships and activities.
3. Understanding how EU policies and funding programmes can support the partnerships, including the proposed frameworks post 2020.
4. Building a Community of Practice at EU level that can explore cooperation opportunities.

The event will bring together two European Commission Directorate Generals, national/regional public authorities managing S3 and higher education institutions interested in promoting university collaborations for regional growth.



Agenda and Presentations



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  • Anne-Besnier, Vice-Présidente Enseignement supérieur et recherche Centre-Val de Loire Region
  • John Edwards, Joint Research Centre, European Commission
  • Peter Baur, DG Education and Culture, European Commission

Advantages and challenges to involve HEI in Smart Specialisation Strategies- Learning from Peer Experiences

This session will present some of the knowledge generated in the Higher Education for Smart Specialisation project on the role of universities in contributing to regional growth, covering topics from researchers territorial engagement, involvement in the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process, tailored funding instruments and participation in S3 governance

10:30- 11:15

Coffee Break

11:15- 11:30

Peer Learning methodology:  

The session will provide information on the organisation of the following peer-learning sessions that will be held subsequently, in which each region will present the regional R&I context, the role that HEI are playing, the challenges faced and potential actions that will be taken.

11:30- 13:00

Peer Learning Session 1

Centre-Val de Loire case (France)

Puglia case (Italy)

Region: Nicolas Dubouloz (Centre-Val de Loire Region)

University: Cécile Goi (University of Tours) and Yann Mercier-Brunel (University of Orléans)

Room: TBC

Discussant and rapporteur: John Edwards, JRC, European Commission

Region:  Annamaria Fiore (ARTI- Regional Technology and Innovation Agency)


Room: TBC


Discussant and rapporteur: Elisabetta Marinelli, JRC, European Commission

13:00- 14:00



Feeedback from Session 1 rapporteurs

John Edwards and Elisabetta Marenelli, JRC, European Commission

14:30- 16:00

Peer Learning Session 2

Navarre case (Spain)

North-East Romania case (Romania)

Region: Luis Goñi (SODENA-Navarre Regional Development Agency)

University: Alfonso Carlosena (Public University of Navarre)

Room: TBC

Discussant and rapporteur: Eskarne Arregui, JRC, European Commission

Region: Agatha Filimon (Regional Development Agency North East Romania)


Room: TBC


Discussant and rapporteur: Elisabetta Marinelli, JRC, European Commission

16:00- 17:00

Concluding session

  • Feedback from the session 2 rapporteurs: Eskarne Arregui and Elisabetta Marinelli, JRC, European Commission
  • Concluding remarks and future actions, John Edwards, JRC, European Commission






Higher Education for Smart Specialisation: Peer Learning Workshop, Orléans 21 November 2018 venue
Hôtel de Région, 9 rue Saint Pierre Lentin - CS 94117, Orléans (France)

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For more information contact:


Eskarne Arregui


Registration information

In the interest of a balanced geographical participation in the workshop, the European Commission might consider the reimbursement of travel expenses for some participating regions.
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